Baal’s Heart audiobooks – sample & update

For everyone enjoying the audiobooks, I’ve sent over the manuscripts of both Fated and Careened to Michael Ferraiuolo and, barring any setbacks, they should be available late July/early August. Then, I’m planning on robbing a bank, because I want him to narrate Kestrel’s Talon ;)

Also, I’ve had a few messages from readers wanting more of a sample than what is available at Audible. So here is the entirety of chapter 8 of Caged: Love and Treachery on the High Seas. If you haven’t read it, it might not make a whole lot of sense… I don’t think it’s much of a spoiler though. Listen at your own discretion (The sample is NSFW) – Chapter 8: Nelson’s Folly


April Showers Bring May Flowers… Yeah… SNOW showers.

Bugger the weather.

Anyhoo… I just realized I haven’t said a word here in almost a month so I figured I’d catch you up on what’s the what here at Castle Deckard.

  1. I’ve passed off some of Kestrel’s Talon to be edited. It’s nearly done and I’ll post a release date when I have one.
  2. I’m still not sure what I’m going to finish next, but I’d like to get #3 from The Actor’s Circle out by summer. Called The Window in Between, it’s a third pair to join the cast, and like the other two books, deals with themes of self-discovery and acceptance. Book #4, as yet unnamed, will reunite the six men in one location. I’ve already written so much dialogue for #4… I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into it.
  3. There’s also Learning to Speak starring Saban from Baal’s Heart… I just need to get it started. I know the story.
  4. Speaking of Baal’s Heart…. April 11th is the one year anniversary of Fated: Blood and Redemption and will go on sale at 8am (EST) in the US and 8am (GMT) in the UK. It’s a Kindle countdown sale, so the earlier you grab it, the better. I’ll post again on Monday about it.
  5. Finally…

Luce whistled to himself as the elevator made its way down, wondering what it was that absolutely required his physical presence.  The memo had been dramatically short and to the point:

Come to your old office. Tell no one.

Despite being happy with his work Above, Luce’d gotten a fun little thrill out of ducking out for the afternoon to attend this intriguingly clandestine meeting. Luce grinned and straightened his paisley tie, smoothing it down over his periwinkle blue shirt as the lift came to a stop with a soft ding. Walking with long, straight backed strides, Luce nodded in greeting to the workers in the hallway, a few of them staring in wide-eyed amazement as he passed them by. Hearing whispers, he grinned to himself.
After rounding another bend, down to the main floor of the common area, he took the stairs up to the office two at a time. Pausing at the doorway, his hand lifted to knock, he smirked. What was that… excitement he felt? It had been a while…
Luce rapped the door just once for decorum and entered, walking into the well-appointed office with a bright smile.

“Now what did you have me come all the way down here for? You know I’m a busy man…” he said to the figure in the chair. However, when the chair swivelled around and he saw that it was just the foreman, Luce frowned.

“Saul? Where’s Byron?” Luce asked the big Abaddonian, a touch apprehensive.

The demon, hulking and tusked with eyes like bullet holes, ducked his head like a shamed dog.

“He’s not here, sir,” Saul mumbled.

Luce clenched his jaw, his whole body tense.

“Well… where is he?”

“That’s the thing, sir,” replied Saul in a meek voice. “We can’t find him anywhere…”


That’s right… There’s a sequel to Devil brewing in my skull and that’s how I think I’ll start it. It probably won’t be a long book, but I’m going to try to get it out in time for Halloween of next year. :)

And that’s it! I have to get back to writing.


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Quoi de neuf

So much writing, so little time!

Work is progressing on Better the Devil You Know. I’m over the third-way mark and I’m digging the way the story is going. I originally thought to release it under a different name because it’s different from what I normally write, in that it’s pretty dark. I have to say that I have some doubts as to how well it’s going to be received. It’s dark, not romantic at all, and the end is… well… not sure. It’s going to be about 50k when it’s done, and it will be done sometime soon. The tags go something like this: murder, graphic torture, sexual abuse, forced incest

The other thing I’ve been working on is a short story (15k) that will come out either in an anthology or published on its own (or both? I wonder if that’s possible?). It’s also not my normal fare. I’m not going to say much more about it until I know what is going to become of it, but the tags for this one are: erotic romance, sweet, transsexual, insta-love, HFN

Then there is Let Me Shift, which is actually coming along great… I just had to take a break from it because these two *points to books mentioned above* were yelling louder than I can ignore.

One day I will get back to Sentenced to the Sword, my gladiator story. Especially since I have such a great pic to use for the cover (Thanks to the wonderfully talented Varian Krylov and her gorgeous cover models – Strangers in Strangeland) But before that… I need to get to Saban and tell his story in Learning to Speak (A Baal’s Heart Book).

And, because Tom won’t stop complaining about how he’s “bloody bored as all hells”… I have to get back to the triad soon.

*gestures* THIS is why I’ve been busy lately and not around much. That and it’s summer – BBQs, sunbathing, drinks on terrasses on warm summer nights. :)

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Arr matey!


People find it hi-lar-ious that I wrote a book about gay pirates. I am getting bombarded by pirate-themed messages, including cute gifts like this little fella. My friends think they’re funny.

Writing is going well. I’m at a part in the book where it’s basically been fully written in my brain for months so putting it to ‘paper’ is going smooth. Three chapters in three days… about 10k words.

Every once in a while when I sit down to write a scene, my characters rebel. I’m glad that they do… They know themselves and keep me on the right path.

Tom: “Listen mate, do ye really think I’d be as daft as that? Come now… be a dove and change it, aye?”

Baltsaros: “I hope you’re planning on rectifying this in the next few chapters. I can’t see this working in the long run. You’ve done much better in the past. If I were you, I would redo it.”

Jon: “Do I really sound like that? Really? I thought we were over that…”

Unfortunately I think I have to put one of my projects on hold. I might wait to continue Sentenced to the Sword in the fall – I just have too much to do these days, and my writing is paying the price.

This time around, for Beyond the Spires, I’m thinking of hiring an editor. Maybe. I’m just really bad at letting others touch my stuff. Juvenile, I know. All my report cards growing up said approximately the same thing: Gifted. Does not play well with others.

I’ll think about it more. Weigh my options.

Today is a gorgeous day… I think I may actually go read outside and catch up with all the books that are going unread on my Kindle.