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Rakka Surprise
It was a simple task, a bit of diplomacy, on a new world for some blue bloods of the Polyverse Coalition. Unfortunately, Captain Drayan failed to read the fine print, the bits that put his sensory system into freefall. Good thing he had Sitik the Rakka, his first mate, to sort it all out. Except, that sorting led to more fine print and a Rakka surprise to end all surprises.

UnCommon Lands

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UnCommon Lands: A Collection of Rising Tides, Outer Space and Foreign Realms

UnCommon Lands presents 20 unique depictions of fantastic places and alien landscapes. These stories of the human (and inhuman) experience transcend time and place and will transport you to worlds you’ve never imagined. Including new and veteran voices, our UnCommon Authors bring you stories which span multiple genres, but hold together on a framework of quality storytelling and a solid theme. UnCommon Lands reminds us that where we are from isn’t as important as where we are going.


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Anne Skinner
Ashleigh Gauch
Bey Deckard
Brent Meske
Chris Godsoe
Daniel Arthur Smith
Chimeras – E.E. Giorgi Author
Shebat Legion
Jeremy Rodden, Toonopolis Author
Jon Etter, Obscure Midwestern Writer
Karen Gemma Brewer
Kenneth Robbins
Levi Jacobs
Michael Schaefer
Michael JP Whitmer
P.K. Tyler
Ralph Walker
Roslyn Cay
Tausha Johnson
Tom O’Brien

Just One Dish

Keith let out an annoyed huff of breath as Gian tightened the ropes securing him to the futon in the living room.

“What are you making that face for?” said Gian with a frown. “You got yourself into this. Don’t look at me all innocent-like.”

“I forgot one dish for Christ’s sake. One.”

“I think I’ve been letting the rules slide a little too much around here.” Gian slapped his knee. “Come on, open your legs.”

Obeying was the right way to go. Keith knew that. If he pushed Gian, he’d be sleeping on the bare linoleum later… or worse. Though he liked to see how far he could go with Gian, just to see the crazy look in his eye, sometimes the punishment for blatantly pushing the master’s hand was that the slave would face no punishment at all, and Keith would gladly take what he was about to be subjected to, or even the cold kitchen floor for the rest of the year, rather than spend a night away from Gian.

Knees spread, he watched Gian tie his ankles to the futon legs and then pass a few more lengths of the rope to secure him in place.

“I’m sorry, Gian,” he said softly, and he sort of was. He was nervous—Gian had threatened to do this to him before, but this was the first time he’d followed through.

Gian laughed again, then stroked Keith’s hair back before grabbing a handful. He brought his lips down close to Keith’s. “I need to see that you’re actually sorry.”

The doorbell rang.

Gian went to the door and shot a smug look over his shoulder at Keith as he opened it. The guy who walked in was tall and gorgeous and fit, and he introduced himself as Duke of all things. It was a stupid name. A dog’s name. Duke smirked when he saw Keith trussed up on the futon.

“So this is the bad boy?”

Gian pulled Duke against him, squeezing his ass through his jeans, his eyes on Keith. He pinched Duke’s nipple through his tacky T-shirt and then grinned at Duke’s resulting groan.

“Get down on your knees and suck my dick like a good boy.” Gian had the best voice for giving orders: quiet but a little rough and unwaveringly confident.

Whimpering softly as he watched Duke kneel and begin nuzzling Gian’s cloth covered cock, Keith felt his dick begin to react to the command that was normally his to obey.

“Oh yeah. Look at those lips. Those are gorgeous lips.” Gian grabbed the back of Duke’s head and pushed him harder into his crotch. Then he moved his hips back a touch and stroked himself through his jock, looking directly at Keith. “Do you think he’s a better cock sucker than you are? I think he might be. There’s only one way to find out…”

Groaning quietly through clenched teeth, Keith watched Gian pull his mostly-hard dick out and begin slapping Duke’s full lips with it. He hated the way Duke looked up at Gian, like he was a perfect, obedient slave—the sight made Keith’s cock ache, and when Gian finally shoved his dick into Duke’s eager mouth with a grunt, Keith gasped. A wet spot was spreading over his cockhead as he watched his lover and master begin to throat-fuck the stranger.

Duke choked, his face red and eyes watering, but he kept coming back for more.

“Ohhh wow… Fuck he’s good…” taunted Gian, feeding his cock into that gaping mouth again until Duke’s face was pressed against his groin, lips wide open and throat bulging. For a moment Duke struggled against Gian, pushing at him until he was finally released, but the way he gasped and went on seemed forced, like it was all an act.

Frustrated tears shimmered in Keith’s eyes—Gian noticed and grinned.

“Yeah, that’s right. You should be the one gagging on my cock, shouldn’t you? But you screwed up and now you get to watch someone else swallow my load.”

Keith squirmed, miserable and horny beyond belief.

“You screwed up,” repeated Gian deliberately.

Hope flared up in Keith. “I screwed up.”

Gian’s cockhead slipped in and out of Duke’s mouth, wet and swollen, and Keith’s dick did a little eager push up.

“You’re going to take my warnings more seriously from now on.”

Nodding quickly, Keith parroted the words: “I’m going to take your warnings more seriously from now on.”

Gian’s eyes narrowed, as if testing him, but he pushed back when Duke tried to take more of his dick in his mouth.

“No, okay. That’s good enough,” he said and stepped back, pulling his jock back into place. “Thanks, man. Really.” Duke blinked and got to his feet, accepting the money from Gian in a daze.

“But… don’t you want…?” Duke asked, clearly confused, but Gian just tucked another twenty into his pocket and steered him towards the door.

After the door was locked, Gian walked up to Keith, his handsome face sober and flushed. He pulled his dick out and stood there, stroking himself. A few times he stopped, and, breathing heavily, he leaned forward to pinch Keith’s nipples hard or let him lick precum off his fingers before jerking off some more.

Finally, with a low grunt, he let loose and sent a jet of cum at Keith’s chest, followed by another and another. Only when Gian had finished emptying his balls onto Keith and stood panting did he finally break a smile.

“God, you’re gorgeous tied up like that, baby,” Gian said, shaking his head. He rubbed his face and laughed. “I almost lost it earlier when you looked like you were about to cry, you were so fucking desperate to have my cock in your mouth. Beautiful. Fucking beautiful.”

Keith shivered and his heart squeezed almost painfully.

“But,” continued Gian, a wicked smile on his face, “I think you enjoyed that little display far more than you should have.” He pointed at Keith’s stiff, leaking dick tenting up the thin material. “You’re going to have to suffer with that for a while, I think.” Gian beamed at him. “You know what? I think you’re going to stay just like this for a few hours. If you’re good and don’t complain, I’ll give you a good deep dicking before my shift at the club and”—he leaned down, hands resting to either side of Keith’s head, and kissed his lips softly—“when I get home, those fucking dishes better all be fucking done.” Gian’s words ended in a low growl.

Keith’s cock bobbed happily, the cotton covering it soaked through, and he smiled.

Maybe something a little bigger next time. Maybe just one pan…


Down on my knees in mud made from equal parts dirt and blood, I survey the damage done to Sarge. His left eye’s completely gone; it’s just a big, wet red hole where the charge went in. Thankfully, it’s cauterized some, so the bleeding is minimal. There’s nothing I can really do about it; he’ll have to get it replaced at the chop n’ change at HQ, and that’s a half-hour hike that might as well be on the other side of the planet as long as the sun’s still up.

I pop open a compartment in my hip and take out a pin-sticker of hubba bubba. I jab it into his neck and sit back to check if any of this goddamned blood is my own while I let the painkiller work its magic. HeBA, or Hexa-Benactryl Almeanotroxene, is a synthetic compound that’s part homegrown and part alien; the fact that the shit is bright fucking pink gets me thinking that the squinters and grinders that make it were actively hoping for the nickname.

It doesn’t take long. The hubba’s pretty potent. Up until this point, the Sarge’s been staring off to the side, his face tense, not saying a word. The wound’s gotta hurt like hell, but this is the Sarge. He’s a legend. Hell, even I’d be tempted to cry a little if some asshole blew a hole in my head. When he finally turns to me, his right eye looks blankly somewhere over my shoulder, and there’s no expression on his face.

“Soldier?” he says, like he doesn’t know who I am. He’s still not looking directly at me, and it dawns on me right then that maybe he can’t see.

“Y’sir,” I reply. My voice is in the basement end of the register, all gravel and boom. Half of what I say ends up sounding like a grunt, but that’s fine with me. I don’t say much.

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