Sacrificed narrated by Michael Ferraiuolo – now Whispersynced

Hooray! It’s finally whispersynced!

What does that mean? Well, if you own a kindle copy of Sacrificed bought through Amazon, you can get the Audible version for a few bucks and listen to Michael Ferraiuolo’s incredible narration.

Buy it here

And yes, Fated and Careened are in the pipeline to be narrated by late summer. :)

F.I.S.T.S. Handbook For Individual Survival in Hostile Environments

The F.I.S.T.S. Handbook…. what is it?

It is a book that contains both Sarge, Murphy, and a tiny “missing reel”. There are three versions of it.

The Full-Colour edition has colour images of the covers inside, as well as a few extra images just for fun. It retails for $22 USD at Amazon and other places. Which is hella expensive, I know, for a 145 page book, but at that price I make a buck and change in royalties. If I can find somewhere else to get it printed for cheaper, I will, but for the moment that’s how it stands.

However, if you’re buying it thinking that there’s going to be a whole lot of extra content… there isn’t. I consider it sort of a “collector’s copy” – I want a copy for myself. The missing reel is just extra, but it’s not a full scene, and it’s not intended to add to the story. Just give a peek into how the relationship took off. I will also be offering signed copies this version.

If you just want a print version with the two novelettes (and the missing reel) but don’t care about colour images, then the second version is for you:

The Black & White edition has black and white images of the covers inside and no extra images. It retails for $8 USD at Amazon and other places.

If you don’t want a print version but would like to have the two novelettes (and the missing reel) in electronic format, the third version is for you:

The kindle version is an e-copy of the full-colour edition. It retails for $4 USD.


If you already own both S&M and just want the reel, send me an email at bey dot deckard at gee mail dot com