Amazing review of Sacrificed by Monique and Macky at Sinfully…

Macky says:

“Let’s just admit it, we’re hooked on these bloody pirates and everything about their vivid, exciting, adventurous existence. Sacrificed didn’t disappoint us one bit, in fact it exceeded our expectations. I loved how Bey cleverly used flashbacks to follow on exactly from where Caged ended. By using teasing hints of what happened between the trio six weeks after they were reunited, it set the tone of the story to come perfectly. Talk about intriguing. There’s no doubt, Bey is the king of keeping you tantalized and enticed. Once again it was a matter of love at first sentence!”

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Sacrificed: Heart Beyond the Spires (Review & Excerpt) at The Smutsonian

Shurrn from The Smutsonian says:

“I loved the first book, Caged: Love and Treachery on the High Seas, and I was jumping at the chance to continue series… I was completely blown away by this follow-up. It’s quite possible that it was even better than the first, and that’s no small feat.”

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It’s the “Bey Goes on Vacation” or “Bey Escapes the Fucking Snow” sale! From now until I get my tanned, relaxed self back from the tropics on the 8th of February, you can purchase my books from Smashwords at a 25% discount. 

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Zipper Rippers gives Sacrificed 4.5 Stars!

Annette Gisby says:

“I’m not usually a fan of threesomes, but for Tom, Jon and Baltsoros, it works for them. It is also realistic, with jealousy flaring at certain parts, with each wondering if they are welcome with the other couple. The sex scenes are raw and primal, with a veneer of sensuality that leaves your breathless.”

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Happy release day to me!

Do you know what today means? With the launch of Sacrificed, I finally feel good about calling myself a writer.

I’m a writer.

I really am.

And, to prove I’m not just a one-trick pirate pony, I’m publishing an erotic science fiction novelette, Sarge, sometime next week.

Happy release day indeed… just look at these beautiful reviews!


Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents:

If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would.  5+++ (read more)


MM Good Book Reviews:

Reuniting with the cast from Baal’s Heart feels like coming home to family and friends. Above all, you will be left breathless in its wake. (read more)


Prism Book Alliance:

If I start talking about the kinky times we could be here for days, so let’s just say they were amazeballs and leave it at that. (read more)


Boy Meets Boy Reviews:

Ann: What I find incredibly brilliant about this series so far is the fluid dynamics with the three main characters.

SheReadsALot: These words from this story are filled with so much heart, passion and love of well fleshed out characters, I can’t not rave about them. (read more)




multitasking momma gives Sacrificed 5 stars

“This was a huge read but each page was turned viciously I cramped my fingers clicking my Kindle to death.”

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The Blogger Girls give Sacrificed 5 stars!

JustJen at The Blogger Girls says:

“This book picks up where Caged left off. Captain B and Jon are eagerly awaiting to see if Tom will give in and join them on their next adventure. Within the first few pages, I was pulled right back into this story and the fabulous world created. It felt really good being reunited with these guys again, and seeing each of them was a total feel good moment for me.”

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#TeamTom shirts now available!


I’ve opened some stores… you’ll find stuff like map kindle covers, #TeamTom shirts, and compass rose mugs!

Redbubble – Cafe Press

Little update


Been busy.

With what, you say? Well…

The first? Sacrificed is coming out in just a few days. I’ve been dotting i’s and crossing t’s and making sure the launch will go smooth. Have you preordered your copy? :)

And I um… wrote another book in the interim. To get my mind off the fact that I sent out ARCs of Sacrificed. It’s a novelette… The continuation to Sarge. It’ll come out later this month.


Want the First Three Chapters of Sacrificed?

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

To celebrate, here are the first three chapters of Sacrificed: Heart Beyond the Spires, the sequel to Caged

whole three chapters, you ask? Yes… these three chapters belong together, woven like a three-sided tapestry.

Choose yer format, me hearties:


More Fun?
Did ye catch the interview I did with Tom? Are ye lookin’ for a pirate glossary? What about the soundtrack to Sacrificed?