Exposed by Bey Deckard – Now Live!

*throws confetti* Happy release day to me!

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The Author’s Note reads:

This book took far longer to write than anything else I’ve written. Why? Well, I was about half-way through when the US elections happened, and the result of the elections really took the wind out of my sails. How can I write about love when slogging through so much toxicity online? How can I write about happiness when everyone I know is afraid for the future?

But, then… isn’t that the point of writing something sweet and fun?

So, I finished it, and the end result makes me smile… here’s hoping it’ll make you smile too.

Good luck, little story! May someone love you as much as I do. :)

☞ Max is Live! ☜


“Intimidation? I’m not trying to intimidate you, Dennis. See?” Max dropped down to his knees and stared up at Crane, his cheek dimpled. “I’m as harmless as a kitten.”


Nya Rawlins: ★★★★★ “A train wreck, roadkill you can’t turn away from… dissection and resection… Max vs Crane is a tour de force of sensual transgression.

The Blogger Girls: ★★★★★ “It is one heck of a jam-packed exciting ride.

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