Cover & Blurb Reveal, Flash Fiction, and Giveaway!

Want to know what I’ve been up to? I’ve written a new take on an old fairy tale… in spaaaaace. Yup. :) And you know what? I’m giving away three copies!

Go over to Boy Meets Boy Reviews and take a peek at the cover and blurb for the new book, enter to win a copy of it, and then read a quickie called “Christos and the Mist”

…His grandmother laughed, waving off his apology. “Oh, I don’t care. I was only teasing. But you’re looking for trouble with all of… this.” She made a sweeping gesture encompassing him from head to toe.“What do you mean?”

“You’re such a beautiful boy, Chrisaki mou,” she replied. “You’re going to catch Zeus’s eye with all that beauty… he won’t be able to resist getting a better look at you.”
Chris snorted a laugh. “What?”
“You’ll never even see him coming—swan, bull, eagle… a shower of gold,” she said, her brown eyes twinkling with mischief as she waggled her fingers above Chris. “Next thing you know, he’ll snatch you up and have his way with you.” [Read the rest :) ]


The Watcher by Bey Deckard – Boy Meets Boy Reviews Anniversary

Happy anniversary to Boy Meets Boy Reviews :D I wrote a little bit of fiction for their month-long celebration. Read The Watcher  and leave a comment on the story for a chance to win something from my backlist.

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Boy Meets Boy Reviews give Sarge 4.5 Stars!

SheReadsALot says:

“There’s nothing like great dirty talk. And when it’s paired with great D/s? It’s like there’s a jackpot to be read. And “Sarge”, the first in the F.I.S.T.S. series, definitely has that in spades. In less than sixty pages, it gets the job done to portray a burgeoning relationship between two space marines who are fighting a losing battle on an alien planet.”

Read the whole review at Boy Meets Boy Reviews