Caged – feedback

The reviews of Caged are fascinating. No one ever spends this much time analyzing or discussing my paintings.

I sometimes wonder if I should write a post addressing some of the common issues that people have or wait until someone just asks me why I chose to write it the way I did.

What do authors normally do?

I’ve never been one to write about any of my work. I’d rather leave that up to other people.  I mean – I know my book. I wrote it for me. I feel odd even having left a tiny review of it… for the same reason that I would feel uncomfortable saying to someone: “Hey look at what I’m wearing! Isn’t it well put together? Aren’t my shoes nice?”

Not that I’m interested in defending Caged. I’m really not. I have little interest in that sort of thing in general.  Everyone’s opinion is completely valid in my opinion. I just wonder if folks would benefit from knowing what in the book is done on purpose or if will just leave them scratching their heads even more.

Edit: Though, thinking about it now, I might end up frustrating people if they do ask me questions. I’ve never been good at answering anything straight if I can avoid it:

“Oh… but what do you think it means?”