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Carly says:

“Honestly, it was the amazing cover art that initially caught my eye, but the character dynamic is what kept me reading late into the night. Deckard has a unique writing style that utilizes varying points of view to slip back and forth along the timeline. This works brilliantly, and gives readers a global perspective.”

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multitasking momma gives Sacrificed 5 stars

“This was a huge read but each page was turned viciously I cramped my fingers clicking my Kindle to death.”

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The Novel Approach gives Sacrificed 5 Stars

Lisa at TNA writes:

“Unlike anything I’ve ever read before, Sacrificed packs emotion, sensuality, adventure, fantasy, and danger into every one of its chapters. Knowing that Captain Baltsaros was a more complex character than was introduced in Caged (and, trust me, he was already plenty enigmatic), Sacrificed takes the reader on a perilous journey to a place ruled by a twisted Emperor who preys on the psyches of Erem’ia Balor’s people. There are truths Baltsaros needs to discover and secrets he and Tom have kept from Jon, and these truths and secrets will either set him free or spell his ruin. You can cut the tension with a knife at times in this installment of the series, while at other times these three men could make the hardest of hearts melt as they attempt to navigate their feelings for one another.”

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5 Stars for Caged – Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents

Toni says:

“So these three men are on a boat together. The sexual tension is so thick it fogged up my kindle screen. Don’t worry all these desires come to fruition several times with the men in groups of two and three. But is there enough room on this ship for these three large personalities?”

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Outlaw Reviews gives Caged 9/10 stars!

Nancy at Outlaw Review writes:

“I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with these three men as they fought, loved and hurt. Their many adventures, the steamy sex, and the memorable secondary characters made this story a joy to read. I especially loved the badass Katherine, whose relationship to Jon was almost sisterly and I even liked Baltsaros’ ex-wife, Abetha, who went through changes of her own. Jon’s growth throughout the story was very convincing and well portrayed. He’s a solid character with the right mix of strength and compassion that brings all three men together…”

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Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰ gives Caged 5 stars!

A kick-ass review by Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰:

“I admit it. I’m a sucker for this trope-the downtrodden who finds a home and family, one not borne of blood, and blossoms like a flower in spring. I love it. It gets me every time. Every. Single. Time. AND they’re kinky too? Kinky pirates, no less. Shut the front door! I mean… it doesn’t get much better than that….”

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5 hearts from SheReadsALot @ Boy Meets Boy Reviews

Brain derailed this morning due to this:


When you learn that there is a book that you’ve ached to read about actually written and quite masterfully…

…a treasure. It’s not a book for everyone but hearties….this book was made for me!! *licks pirate sword*

Sometimes it’s hard discussing why a book rocks. There are very few books where I want to just say: ‘eff this reviewing shit, just ‘effing read this ‘effing book! NOW!’ Doesn’t happen to me a lot but when it does I just want to crow from the rooftops.


This is one of those books for me.

This book has heart, actually, hearts (literally and figuratively) and it’s dope. For a first time novel…I was impressed. Is this book going to be for everyone? Hell no. And that’s okay. I’ll love this book enough for the non readers.

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Wait… was that a little pink in my cheeks?

Multitaskingmomma gives Caged 5 Stars

I am at odds on how to approach my review for this book. This was huge in terms of plot and character development. Caged: Love and Treachery on the High Seas is the first installment to the Baal’s Heart series. This is an action packed pirate swashbuckling mega-adventure set in times gone by. This is also far from a romantic story. Instead, I see this as a story of three men who survived through all their life’s experiences and made do.

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New 5-Star Review of Caged & New Teaser Promo


New 5-star review by Annette Gisby from

A book with BDSM, pirates and an adventure, how could I resist this?

I’ve seen this book placed in some retailers as erotic, but I think calling it that does it a disservice. This book is much more than erotica, and while sex does feature heavily, it is more about the relationships and emotional aspects than the physical ones.

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What do you think?


Awesome Indies gives Caged ★★★★★

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