Book Launch Party

You can’t write a book and not have a launch party!

Everything I’ve read about publishing says to treat the first six months of your book’s life as a “pre-published” state. Especially if it’s your first book. Use that time to get your social media i’s dotted and all your editing/review request t’s crossed. Then, six months after you’ve published your book, have a big ol’ party to officially launch your book.

So – I’m looking at the weekend around August 11th, here in Montreal. I have a place to host it – at a gorgeous art studio.  There’s a troupe of drag-kings who could be interested in doing a pirate-themed number, as well as a few bands to keep the party going.

I’m thinking of hiring some gorgeous, buff mates to walk around semi-nude serving canapés.

There will be signed copies to win, and probably other prizes – and the sequel should be out at that point too.

What else can one have going at an Erotic Book Launch?

Caged: Now available on Kobo!


I had to submit it myself through their publishing site because after over a month, the version submitted through Smashwords had yet to show up. Less than 24 hours after I submitted it myself, here it is.


Buy it now

Words… words… words?

You’ll often find me with my eyes closed, head tilted up as if listening to the heavens, just waiting for the right word to drop out of the air so that I can push it into the right spot in the sentence I’m writing.

Embarrassed, abashed, flustered, ashamed, disconcerted – they all mean approximately the same thing, but look at these sentences:

Jon was embarrassed about his feelings for Tom – this brings to mind a bit of toe shuffling, pink-cheeked kind of behaviour from Jon. Approximately the same with flustered, or abashed.

Jon was ashamed of his feelings for Tom – now we have a bit of inner conflict and, unlike embarrassed, the word really makes it seem like a negative thing, no?

Jon was disconcerted by his feelings for Tom – this one has Jon running through a checklist of probably causes in his head and coming up empty.  Or doing a slow mental double-take.

Words. I love words.

This post brought to you by  “I can’t find the right end to this sentence so I’m taking a break.”

Author and… Artist

I’ve been writing “Author & Artist” everywhere but I realized just earlier that I haven’t actually showed you any of my art.

I consider myself primarily a portrait painter. That’s what I’ve been doing since I was old enough to hold a brush – paint people. However, I’ve been doing far more graphic design work than actual painting in the past few years. Most of the stuff I do is pretty mainstream corporate-type logos, but I also do digital portraits. The cover for Caged is my own design.

Lately, however, I dusted off the old Wacom tablet and started doing illustrations for my writing, and drawing a lot of NSFW stuff in general.

Jon and Tom

Click the image for the full-res (s)NSFW

Grey skies… cozy on the couch with my dog.

Finished chapter 10 of the sequel to Caged – working title “Beyond the Spires” – and it’s going well. I like the pace at which its going, considering I’m also in the middle of a collaborative project with another author (which just hit the 35K word mark this week).

I keep wanting to release excerpts of the WIP but there are spoilers. I wonder how other authors deal with that? Personally I’m the type of guy who absolutely hates spoilers – I go out of my way to avoid them as much as I can, which includes trying not to watching movie previews. (I am currently refraining from looking up anything about The Grand Budapest Hotel – the new Wes Anderson movie.)

I’ve been looking for a new desk, something antique and sturdy. Working on the couch is going to do in my back eventually.

I got confirmation for the date that my book participates in “Don’t Buy My Love” at the Goodreads group M/M Romance – May 16th. Mark your calendars with that date if you want a free e-book in exchange for writing a fair review!

My sleepy, smiley writing companion

A new blog!

Look! WordPress.

I wonder if I can change the colours or if I’m stuck with these defaults.