Can you tell I’m excited?

It’s available right now from the CreateSpace eStore. It will be available at Amazon (all stores) in 5-7 business days and in the expanded distribution channels in 6-8 Weeks.

There’s just something really neat about holding your very first book. Having it on your Kindle is one thing… but holding the physical version in your hand? That’s special.


So… in another vein:

There are definite downsides to not reading your own genre. For one, I don’t know what are considered clichés or just overdone in romance/erotica. For another, I can’t recommend work like my own because I don’t know who else writes historical fantasy romance erotica (if that’s what mine is). That’s what happened this week – a fan contacted me asking if I had suggestions to tide them over until I finish the sequel to Caged. I had no idea what to say.

Sorry N – maybe someone will respond to this post with suggestions. I will let you know.


Tonight is a drawing night. Tomorrow is a writing day.

No concentration for writing today… but look! Another portrait of Tom Hardy as Freddie from The Take.

Tom Hardy as Freddie from The Take
click for full size.



Writing and Drawing

Loved this show. I have a few more of Freddie started.
Freddie from The Take – Loved this show. I have a few more of Freddie started.

I’m taking a little break from writing today. I’ve only written about 600 words of the 1000 that I normally like to get out in a day but eh, my mind is elsewhere and I’m not going to sweat it. I’m still new to this digital portrait painting… so many brushes to choose from! I have no idea how to use half of them and end up using the same three over and over. I should ask someone else who does digital painting what brushes they like to use.

The giveaway contest for Caged ends in less than 12 hours! So exciting. Tomorrow is the launch of the paperback edition – I know some people will be very happy about that.


One of the side effects of writing erotica and having a very supportive family is that you wind up with a bunch of family members who are now acquainted with a number of your kinks.

Interview with Bey Deckard @ Hines and Bigham’s Literary Tryst


Interview with Bey Deckard, author of the Baal’s Heart series

About the Author

Born and raised in a small coastal town in northern Québec, Bey spent his early summers on his uncle’s boat and running wild on the beaches of the surrounding islands, lighting fires and building huts out of driftwood and fishermen’s nets. As an adult, he eventually made his way to university and earned a degree in Art History with a strong focus on Anthropology. Primarily a portrait painter and graphic artist, Bey sat down one day and decided to write about the two things that he felt most passionate about: sex and the sea.

Bey currently lives in the wilds of Montréal with his best buddy, a spotty pit bull named Murphy. Caged is his first novel.

Read the Interview at

More Edits. Done Yet?

Done yet?

Long day of editing yesterday. *stretches shoulders* I really should get myself a good chair and desk soon before I become a cripple. The print version of Caged is on track to be released on the 15th. I’m still waiting for some more edits but I’m hoping they’ll be minor, or already taken care of in the first batch, so I don’t have to spend so many hours digging through the book again.

It’s interesting to see how my writing has matured.

New chapter finished for the sequel. I’m on track there too – passed the 1/3 mark. I’m wondering, however, if this book might be a smidge longer. There’s so much of the story left to tell.

I also have to get back to a writing side-project that I’m working on.

And… I have to stop thinking about this other book I have to write. It can wait… I can’t do everything at once.


New Tablet

So happy with my new Bamboo tablet. My old Wacom tablet was over a decade old.

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Thank you

I was just having a beer with a buddy of mine who is also a writer, talking about how incredibly weird it sometimes (hell all the time) feels to have people out there… reading your work. It makes my head spin at times to think that there are people reading what I write and, not only that, but enjoying it.

I enjoy my own writing. I do. But it never occurred to me that anyone else would. Which is why, when I ask someone to review my book, I get stressed out about the outcome. I think to myself: I’ll be ok with three stars. It’ll be great! It’ll be fine. Really.

And then they give me 5 stars. *shakes head* Floors me. Every time.

Thank you to my readers and reviewers and anyone who’s been part of the process! Really… thank you.

Book Launch Party

You can’t write a book and not have a launch party!

Everything I’ve read about publishing says to treat the first six months of your book’s life as a “pre-published” state. Especially if it’s your first book. Use that time to get your social media i’s dotted and all your editing/review request t’s crossed. Then, six months after you’ve published your book, have a big ol’ party to officially launch your book.

So – I’m looking at the weekend around August 11th, here in Montreal. I have a place to host it – at a gorgeous art studio.  There’s a troupe of drag-kings who could be interested in doing a pirate-themed number, as well as a few bands to keep the party going.

I’m thinking of hiring some gorgeous, buff mates to walk around semi-nude serving canapés.

There will be signed copies to win, and probably other prizes – and the sequel should be out at that point too.

What else can one have going at an Erotic Book Launch?

Caged: Now available on Kobo!


I had to submit it myself through their publishing site because after over a month, the version submitted through Smashwords had yet to show up. Less than 24 hours after I submitted it myself, here it is.


Buy it now