A Grey Day in May

Murphy was just as surprised as my readers at the end of that chapter.
Murphy was just as surprised as my readers at the end of that chapter.

Yesterday was a writing day. Today is a drawing day. Worked out some mental kinks with a portrait of Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter in Suits. I got sucked into the third season.

Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter
Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter

I Wrote a Weird Book

It’s becoming more and more obvious that what I wrote was a weird book.

an unconventional romance”read review

I was well-invested in this strange, but lovely, romance.”read review

An unconventional romance with an often darker storyline.”read review

I’ve seen this book placed in some retailers as erotic, but I think calling it that does it a disservice”read review

Not quite what I was expecting, but I loved it”read review

This is also far from a romantic story”read review

I think that’s pretty awesome. Unconventional means that I won’t get a large readership, I know, but I’m not in this for the money or fame. I’m in this for the characters I write and the people who will love them… because they deserve to be loved, as flawed as they are.

I write romance that isn’t romantic, erotica that is more than erotica, historical fiction that is just the backdrop to a story that has a plot devoted entirely to character development.

Some people are going to hate it, I know. It’s one thing that keeps me from trying to market it to a larger audience… I’m not sure how to present it. I probably need a publicist.

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite things written about Caged so far:

In fact I must admit that if it weren’t for the fact that I got this through the DBLM program I would have stopped reading it before I hit 25% [sic] at 16% I told my daughter that I hated it but would give it to 25% before I contacted the moderators of the program. I’m thankful for that because had I set it aside and never finished it I would have missed out on one hell of a roller-coaster ride with some very interesting and at times lovable characters. […] Regarding the things I liked is much more complicated. While two of the three main characters had aspects that were horrible and at times made me question if I could ever like them, those massive flaws were what made the book such a thought provokingly good novel.” – read review



Interview at The Novel Approach


TNA: Hi, Bey, thanks so much for being here with us today. Why don’t we start with the sharing part of the interview? Would you tell us a few things about yourself: hobbies, interests, odds and ends stuff?

Bey: Hmm open-ended questions… those are the ones I’ve never been good at answering. I’m still trying to figure out what people want to know about me and what is considered over-sharing. *laughs* Is emoting ok? I like to emote.

Well, let’s see… when I’m asked about hobbies, the first thing I always say is that I collect skulls – which is the truth – but it’s not like it’s an active hobby. I just have a whole bunch of them around the house.

Mostly, I like going down to the local pub for a pint with a buddy. I watch a shitload of movies and TV. I get tattooed or pierced. I draw and paint. I do pro bono web work and graphics for certain companies, associations, and dog rescues.

TNA: Yeah? What’s your favorite tattoo? What makes it your favorite?

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Multitaskingmomma gives Caged 5 Stars

I am at odds on how to approach my review for this book. This was huge in terms of plot and character development. Caged: Love and Treachery on the High Seas is the first installment to the Baal’s Heart series. This is an action packed pirate swashbuckling mega-adventure set in times gone by. This is also far from a romantic story. Instead, I see this as a story of three men who survived through all their life’s experiences and made do.

Read the review at multitaskingmomma 

What’s In a Name

What does my name mean?

Turkish – (past) a chieftain, (present) Sir
Middle Persian – Lord and Master
New Zealand (Maori) – pal, mate, buddy
Newfoundland – boy
Scotland – friend or mate but can be used to replace the word “beast”

What it does not mean, in my case:

Short for Beyoncé

… and I get that single ladies song stuck in my head anytime someone asks me if it does. *laughs*



Sleepy Evenings

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Sleepy dog is sleepy. He’s my constant companion. Doesn’t mind when I have Wardruna on repeat for hours. Keeps my feet warm. Doesn’t understand why the computer gets my lap and he doesn’t. Snores, barks, and howls in his sleep. He’s a great writing companion and never blushes when I read out the smutty bits.

4.5 Stars for Caged from The Novel Approach


Review: I’m fairly newish to the romance genre, in the grand scheme of things, but I’ve more than made up for lost time over the years. I love my romance books like I love my coffee—hot, addictive, and insomnia inducing. Bey Deckard’s Caged: Loved and Treachery on the High Seas is all that and more, and did I mention pirates?

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I’m an… Author?

Every once in a while, when I have time to stop and just think, I start running around in circles in my head making an eeeeeeeee sound.

I’m an author.

I am. I really am. People refer to me as such every day. My name is up on sites where the word “author” shows up, if not right next to it, somewhere in the vicinity. I’m still processing that, because to be an author, you must first become a writer, don’t you?

Just last summer I was neither.

I’ve been telling people that before the end of June 2013, I hadn’t written a lick of fiction, but that’s not entirely true… In the summer of 2002, I sat down and wrote two chapters of something that was going to become a first-person novel about an empathic serial killer. I spent about a week on it, and then I moved on. I don’t even know if it still exists somewhere on an old backup. If it does, I would love to find it. (If I do, I’ll post it unedited here.)

Oh and then there was that sixty-page handwritten Lost Boys-based fic that starred my brother and me. I was fourteen, and that movie just rocked my world. After school, we would sit on my bed so I could read out what I’d managed to write during class that day. The story was all about how we would live in a converted barn outside of Santa Carla where the ground floor was a garage so we could refurbish old cars…. while being vampires. Sounds sweet, right?

As an adult, I knew my writing was good, at least for lengthy university history papers on Romanesque architecture or performance art of the sixties and seventies. So good, in fact, that I was spared the ignominy of writing final exams.

However, tangents aside, it had never occurred to me before to become an author (well, maybe I’d thought of it… who doesn’t want to write a memoir?).

Last year, inspired by something I was watching, I sat down and wrote, over the course of a few weeks, a 50k word story. People loved it. I then set my sights a little higher and wrote something longer that I could conceivably publish as a novel if people also loved it.

And they did.

So I decided to go ahead and send Caged out into the world.

First, I contacted my author friends for some advice on getting my book to a publisher. They gave me a list of do’s and don’ts and wished me well.

Finding a publisher was not as simple as I’d thought. Caged is a little dark and twisted. There’s BDSM that, as one reviewer points out, borders on abuse, and it touches on a few taboos. Also, some publishers wouldn’t have liked the fact that at least two of my main characters aren’t really choosy about the sex of their partners – they’re ah… “free-agents” like me.  After reading a few of the submission guidelines and getting bored with the process of hunting down a publisher, I just shrugged my shoulders and did what one of my favourite authors did: I went the self-publishing route.

I’m a one man band. I wrote the book, edited it, formatted it, designed the cover, submitted it to Smashwords and Amazon, created a print version, and now do all of my own publicity/marketing. Honestly, it’s a lot of work, much more than I had expected.

But I love it.

I’ve worked for a die-cutting factory, I’ve been a personal assistant, I’ve worked in a hardware store, I’ve sold boots and hair-dye to punks in a niche boutique in Montréal, I’ve been an inside sales-rep for video editing software, I’ve done tech support, I’ve been a manager at one of the big software companies, and I currently do freelance graphic work.

Now, I am an author. How about that?

Makes me wonder what the next thing will be.

The Blogger Girls give Caged 4.5 Stars!

JustJen writes: “Wow, where to start with this one. This called to me right away, from the cover and the blurb, it just sounded like my kind of story, and I wasn’t disappointed. It is everything that the blurb leads you to believe and then some….”
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New 5-Star Review of Caged & New Teaser Promo


New 5-star review by Annette Gisby from zipperrippers.blogspot.co.uk:

A book with BDSM, pirates and an adventure, how could I resist this?

I’ve seen this book placed in some retailers as erotic, but I think calling it that does it a disservice. This book is much more than erotica, and while sex does feature heavily, it is more about the relationships and emotional aspects than the physical ones.

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New teaser promo:


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