Happy release day to me!

Do you know what today means? With the launch of Sacrificed, I finally feel good about calling myself a writer.

I’m a writer.

I really am.

And, to prove I’m not just a one-trick pirate pony, I’m publishing an erotic science fiction novelette, Sarge, sometime next week.

Happy release day indeed… just look at these beautiful reviews!


Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents:

If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would.  5+++ (read more)


MM Good Book Reviews:

Reuniting with the cast from Baal’s Heart feels like coming home to family and friends. Above all, you will be left breathless in its wake. (read more)


Prism Book Alliance:

If I start talking about the kinky times we could be here for days, so let’s just say they were amazeballs and leave it at that. (read more)


Boy Meets Boy Reviews:

Ann: What I find incredibly brilliant about this series so far is the fluid dynamics with the three main characters.

SheReadsALot: These words from this story are filled with so much heart, passion and love of well fleshed out characters, I can’t not rave about them. (read more)




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