❂ Coming soon: Fugue, Concord by Varian Krylov + Giveaway ❂

To start off this week, I asked one of my favourite authors to come on over to speak about her upcoming novel.

Let’s give a warm welcome to the very talented Varian Krylov!


Title only

Hi everybody! And Bey, thanks for having me back!

It’s kind of funny, I’m a writer, but when I step away from my tall tales and try to write a blog post, I never know what to say. But today, after chasing my tail for a bit,  I decided it would be fun to talk about one of the inspirations for my upcoming novel, Fugue, Concord.


0 FE2A0564I’m from California, but for the last two years and change I’ve been living in my favorite city in the world—Barcelona. It’s a fabulous place for lots of reasons: it’s part of Spain’s sunny Costa Brava, but in addition to being a beach city on the Mediterranean, it’s also got mountains, and its urban center is studded with amazing architectural gems, with Roman walls, neogothic cathedrals, and beautiful modernist buildings by the whimsical genius Antoni Gaudi and others. Barcelona is also a culturally vibrant cosmopolitan hub, with fabulous art museums, galleries, and a thriving music scene.

So, when I decided to write something a bit lighter and more playful than Bad Things and Trasmundo,  I thought, hey, why not take my readers on a little vicarious holiday to Barcelona?

Raval El Jardi  FE2A3074Unlike most of my novels, much of Fugue, Concord is rooted in my own experiences venturing into the realm of independent filmmaking for a few years before I moved to Europe, and also my life living as an expat in Spain. I had a lot of fun taking these characters to my favorite beaches (where bathing suits are always optional), on evening strolls through the winding, narrow streets of the labyrinthine Gothic neighborhood, and out to savor the local night life amid a few of my favorite jazz clubs.

jazz en la playa _E2A2452eAnother of my favorite things about Barcelona is the Spanish men (I know, huge surprise, haha). And I’d love to introduce you to Ángel, the god of jazz.

If you want a sneak peak at Fugue, Concord before the novel comes out next month, you can read a long, juicy, NSFW excerpt at my website: http://variansfiction.wix.com/variankrylov

I’ll also be posting updates and announcing giveaways on my Facebook page. If we’re not already friends, don’t be shy! I love talking to readers and fellow writers!



This book… oh this book. I want to visit Barcelona more than ever now :)

For a chance to win an ebook copy of Varian’s book, Fugue, Concord (when it comes out), comment below and tell me where in the world you’d love to travel to. I’ll pick one random winner on Monday, July 4th at 7pm EDT.

Good luck!

24 thoughts on “❂ Coming soon: Fugue, Concord by Varian Krylov + Giveaway ❂”

  1. Great question, but it’s difficult to pick just one place! I think I would love to travel to Scotland. I’ve always wanted to go there :)

    1. I’d love to go. The accent is one of my favourites. I’ve been meaning to do a two week whirlwind tour of the British Isles.

  2. I’d love to go to Australia, I want to see the koala bears. I want to go to France as well.

  3. Being Puerto Rican and all Spain is definitely one of my before I die destinations. I have friends that came from there and people that have relocated as well. Australia (especially the punishing outback) and – Italy – I went for a little bit when I visited France and it wasn’t enough. Most importantly, I want to visit every town in Puerto Rico and die in Culebra PR.

    1. Oooh, I’ve never been to Puero Rico.
      And considering I’ve been in Barcelona for two years, I’ve done a horrible job of exploring other parts of Spain! I haven’t seen anything of Galicia or Basque country…

    2. I will one day go to PR :)
      And you should seriously check out Spain. It was never one of my big go-to places—it’s like you never think of going to Spain when you “travel Europe”—but I loved it. Absolutely. I have to go back to Córdoba and now V has me dearly wishing to visit Barcelona. :D

      I’m embarrassed to say that even though I thoroughly studied Italy…. I’ve never been. *sad* One day!

  4. I would love to do some traveling… Sweden, Italy, China, Australia, Madagascar, South Africa, Ireland, Easter Island, Hawaii, Japan, Iceland… to name some of the places I would visit.

    1. Through the highly scientific method of rolling a D10… you are the winner! Congrats :D I really enjoyed the book – hope you will too!

      I have your email already I believe. I’ll email you there too.

      I think I’m going to Hawaii this winter… maybe. *grin*

    1. Paris is amazing! One of those places you can feel enriched by, just strolling around, soaking up the vibe and seeing all the amazing gardens, monuments, and architecture.

  5. It’s been my dream to visit America and all the (online) friends I have there for some time now. I’m still hoping to make that dream, which would mean visiting places all over the States, come true one day and hopefully that day won’t be too far away.

    1. I’ve got a good friend form NZ who’s been trying to talk me into visiting for almost a decade. Definitely a place I’d like to go.

  6. Varian Krylov is a new author to me, thank you Bey Deckard for introducing her to me, because I did some research about her books and I find some very interesting ones, and i’m sure I will be reading them soon, they all sound great.
    Varian, thanks for sharing your work. If I ever get to travel, I would love to go to Spain, Madrid would be the city I would go first, I love soccer and I dream of getting to know the stadiums I see on t.v every weekend.

    1. I loved Madrid. Completely. It was such a great city for so many reasons and I’d like to go back soon.

      *grin* I hope you do check out Varian’s books! She’s hella talented.

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